Carmella has taken a break from rolling out incredible skins just long enough to renovate the store. Ruby Skins, located amidst the picturesque Ruby Lake with fishing and special prizes just waiting to be caught, now has an even more unique look.

Ruby SKins

Ruby Skins entrance

Carmella is well known for carving out a special niche in SL …providing unique skins and shapes – complete avatars – like no others. Her creations are realistic but also include hard-to-find looks. And now it is easier to find what you are looking for!

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Products are arranged per type of skin and shape. Directions are easy to follow, printed right on the floor in front of you with a path right where you want to go! As always, shoes, accessories, eyes, specials and other exciting Ruby inventory is on the second level of the store – including the best FREEBIES you will find in SL.

Ruby SKins stairway

Ruby Skins Stairway


Carmella has made it easy to locate the unique style you are looking for – young, fantasy, male, female, elderly or ethnic. You will not find more realistic looking skins with live proportioned shapes anywhere. And you will be shocked at the pricing for such high quality products.


The store is shopping like you’ve never seen. So often you find vendors placing their products in gigantic stores, where flying serves you better than walking. Ruby Skins is easy to navigate. And Carmella prefers not to rearrange the store, making shopping for her return customers easy.

Ruby Skins upstairs

Ruby Skins upstairs

In addition to skins and shapes, Carmella makes some of the neatest accessories for your avatar. Glasses, hats, shoes, boots, eyes, jeans, dresses and tops…there is even a set of cool tans to give your skin a little “sunkissed” look! Ruby Skins also features seasonal specials, a complete avatar for the unbelievable price of $10L!!! Carmella doesn’t skimp on the gifts, freebies and hunt prizes. She makes it worth the while to get a bargain.

Ruby Skins 3

Ruby Skins Foyer

Ruby Skins participates in only the best hunts; reputable, with good customer service. You can always find the hunt information right where you rezz in. There, you also find her great customer service team signboards as well as other useful information.

And we must not forget the landmark to Ruby Intimate. Carmella makes the most realistic gender enhancements you will find in SL. If you want fake looking sex organs, forget Ruby Intimates. Because you will be amazed when you see the Orchid and Seargant enhancements. And you can test them on the wall right in the store!

Ruby Skins upstairs

Ruby Skins accessories

At Ruby Intimate, nudity is always allowed :) (Age verified only)

You can count on quality, good customer service, great prices and uniqueness at Ruby Skins. And a wonderful store to showcase all the great products they have to offer.


Ruby Skins 7

Ruby Skins, Ruby Lake and sign



If you have time, be sure to pick up your rod and reel and step over to Ruby Lake for some fishing. Carmella has stocked the lake with some great prizes for you avid anglers.

Inside the store, dont miss the group joiner to keep up on all the latest activity with new and updated products for Ruby Skins. Carmella wont spam you. We all hate spam and constant, silly ads. She only sends announcements on new products, updates and specials.


Ruby Store

Ruby Skins Store

Dont miss the new and improved Ruby Skins in Axel. You will appreciate the neat shopping experience and most of all the unique skins and avatars at incredible prices you will find there. It’s worth the trip just to see the store!

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