One of the frustrating things about SL is how often some vendors move. There is nothing like using a trusted landmark and arriving to find yourself in private land being ejected.


You will be ejected in 10 seconds

Carmella opened her unique skin store on the Mainland in Axel 4 years ago. Starting with a small shop Ruby Skins has grown into a spacious skin, shape and accessory store as well as a tasteful adult body parts store called Intimate. Through the years Ruby Skins has conveniently remained in that same location.

Ruby Skins Store Aug 2012

Ruby Skins in Axel

Ruby products are now expanding again, and Carmella brings you mesh clothing and more at her newest store, named RUBYwear. This expansion and growth in additional product lines have led her to make a thoughtful decision to move her property to a private island.

The new location provides many benefits over mainland, including additional space, more prim availability, less general lag, no “pathfinder” lagging or stuttering, all shops in a single location and more control of the environment. After all who likes the mess griefers can make on the mainland?


Griefers drop irritating prims everywhere

In order to cause the least disruption possible to her regular customers, the main store has undergone only a slight remodel –  mostly a facelift into a rustic theme with stone, brick and rich woods.

Ruby Skins rustic decor

Ruby Intimate, already a cozy store, is a bit more of a surprise that you must experience for yourself. ;) Meant for mature visitors only you are required to be 18+ before visiting Intimate. Although the Island itself  is rated mature, her skin and clothing stores are rated “G”. All 3 stores are snuggled close together amongst a pine forest and very near Ruby Lake, still with 7 Seas fishing available and special Ruby prizes to be caught.

Ruby Skins complex

RUBYWear store

Once moved, Carmella will retain a small parcel in Axel at the former rezz in location, with a posting about the move and a landmark to the new location. This should provide guidance for those with the old landmark. Customer service has always been and remains the top priority for Ruby Skins and Intimate shoppers. Announcements about specific move dates will be forthcoming to all Ruby Skins  and Intimate group members. There will be a few new surprises, including new skin and clothing releases to help celebrate the move.

Ruby Skins shopping complex – best quality skins, clothing, intimates, accessories and more. Don’t miss it!


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