ELITE Ruby Skin line released!

Elite line at Ruby Skins

Elite line soon at Ruby Skins

As promised, Carmella has released  her first “Elite” line of skins. The Elites will are for the  ”non elderly” avatar look.  This skin/shape package is the best value you will find on the grid. The Elite skins include lots of extras – featuring the high quality, realistic skin texture and affordability of all Ruby Skins.

These Elite packages include the Ruby shape that the individual skin was built for but it will now be modifiable. In addition, is a regular “nude” skin and a skin with no brows for those wanting to add those separately. To satisfy those interested in changing the skin tone, the package includes a tan on a tattoo layer that is tintable.

Now for the high fashion extras! Along with the skins, shape and tan are make up sets on a tattoo layer. These are eye and lip combinations to get you started. Additional make ups will soon be available for purchase separately so that you can collect different colors and styles for day and nighttime glamour.

Not to spoil the element of surprise, there are a few other fun accessories in this package to make your customization experience simply awesome. Your avatar options will be endless and easily changeable. The only other skin you will ever want to buy will be another Ruby Skin!

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