If you like exciting color, sexy fit and size variety then you will love Carmella’s new ladies Ruffle Dress. This mesh cutie comes in 4 sets of 5 dresses each.

Ruby Ruffle Dress Seasons

Seasons - Ruby Skins latest mesh ruffle dress

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, each with a selection of colors for the season. The Spring and Summer groups have smart pastels with a watercolor pattern–very unique! Fall and Winter include darker more muted colors with a monochrome pattern–stylish! Best of all, each dress comes in 5 standard sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL. There is a demo available to try before you buy. This dress is a steal at $400L for each set of 5 dresses! You may even want all the color groups-to stay color coordinated with the seasons! As always you are getting exquisite quality and guaranteed good customer service.  Love it! Visit the store here:

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