Although Carmella does not believe mesh should replace all types of clothing, she has experimented with it and now offers her customers something for both men and women. As always, her textures are as realistic as you will find in SL and her quality in detail is exquisite.

Many colorful options for the RUBY Skins New Mesh Mini Suit

RUBY Skins New Mesh Mini Suit for the Ladies

For the ladies, a smart mini suit, including mini skirt and blazer with a nice floral pattern. It is available in a variety of colors and can be mixed and matched with several other Ruby Skins clothing items. (One favorite is Ruby skinny jeans with a matching mesh blazer, leather strapless dress top and color change ladies strappy sandals) Each mini suit set is only $200L

RUBY Skins Men's Linen Drawstring Pants

Casual RUBY Skins Drawstring Linen Pants

For our hottie men customers, a pair of mesh linen drawstring pants. These are available in aqua, blue, moss, natural, steel, white and wicker colors. These summery casuals go so well with Ruby men’s color change flip flop sandals. Each pair of men’s pants are only $100L

Carmella promises more mesh to come! These items are for sale in store as well as marketplace and have demos available. Sizing is comprehensive, with XS through XL range. Small avatars will fit these mesh clothes! (not the new petite mesh avatars)

Make a trip to Ruby Skins and try on a mesh outfit with your name on it!

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