Pirate Hunt2 July 25-August 25

Pirate Hunt2

Kastle Rock Gridwide Hunts present Skull -N- Bones “The Pirate Hunt 2″. RUBY Skins will be participating with a most awesome themed gift for hunters. Carmella has selected one of her most popular skins, Zechariah, to be the Pirate; a complete avatar with pegleg, tatoos and accessories that any scalywag would need (his scarred face and blind eye are result of a few too many saber duels). The lovely Lydia skin and special shape is featured as the Mermaid; with mesh tail, fins, hair and accessories to lure pirates to her underwater lair. As always, Ruby Skins free hunt gifts can’t be beat for quality and quantity. Don’t miss this hunt…aarrgh or ye be walkin’ the plank maytee!

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