Act Your Age!!

RUBY Skins is famous for unique, realistic skins and shapes, both young (no child) and old. However, Carmella’s “middle aged” selection of avatars are some of the most interesting of her collection. These skin/shape combinations are not only realistically proportioned but are handsome, middle aged skins for a change of pace with your SL avatar.


Ruby Skins "Mary" middle aged avatar

Mary is a mature but quite fancy RUBY lady with soft reddish eyebrows (no grey for her yet), possibly a spray tan and breast augmentation because she is staying young, and she loves to wear feathery gowns for the ballroom. Just the right amount of wrinkle and sag make her 50ish look a winner.


Ruby Skins "Zechariah2"


One of RUBY Skins best sellers this year is Zechariah; a bushy browed, adventurous chap with deep set eyes of wisdom and a neat comb over. Zech is unique from head to toe-as all RUBY Skins are; because they are photo sourced with their own head and body for each individual skin.



Ruby Skins "Esther"





Esther is one of the younger middle aged skins, with very fair skin and quite feminine shape. A few age lines here and there keep her uniquely 30ish yet elegant.



Ruby Skins "Reuben"





Reuben is another popular skin/shape combo who’s 40 something look gives him a dark, suave, mature appearance and we can see a touch or two of grey in his beard.


Perhaps you want an ethnic look but are wanting a more mature avatar?



Ruby Skins "Chloe"


Chloe is the skin for you; with just enough age to be elegant. RUBY Skins does not tint caucasian photo sourced skins to appear African. Chloe is sourced from an actual African skin and has a body shape to match. You will know when you try her on, that she is the real thing.






Luke, another 50ish skin/shape combo is a jolly guy; he was featured last winter as Santa along with Mrs Claus. He has a chubby shape, perfect for that middle aged male spare tire look! Luke has been known to be trim from time to time as when the stole Eli’s shape during the Summer of 2011 as the 10L Summer Special.


Ruby Skins Luke2"


Ruby Skins "Jason"


Jason (right) is quite the interesting guy at RUBY Skins. A bit stoic but a real party hound when he gets warmed up. Carmella’s dad Lord Ruby also picked Jason for his personal skin.


These 30-50ish looking skins are a departure from the routine in SL. Elizabeth is another mature lady with a soft, kind, face of a new grandma. She is our second Elizabeth release with more detail than before, making her a top pick for the middle age line. She has great reviews  and is even the chosen skin of Carmella’s own SL mother; LadyWendy Ruby!


Ruby Skins "Elizabeth2"

If you are ready to depart from the “sameness” of most SL avatars and really look your “age”, then try on one of these realistic avatars. You will wish you had a long, long time ago!








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