Peasant and Princess; Between Tradition and Love

Tirzah & Hashem

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Coming to second life from an exotic place – Tirzah and Hashem have stolen away to be together – something forbidden by their families at home. Heartbroken by plans of an arranged marriage, Tirzah betrays her family through her love for another man – Hashem. She must choose between family and secret love, leaving all that she knew behind. Hashem, a poor peasant boy, loved her the moment he laid his eyes on her exotic, dark eyed, sensual face. Knowing he could never have her for his own, he had given up hope yet..when their eyes met in the courtyard he could not help but notice her glance seemed more than a passing look.

Hashem & Tirzah

A peasant in love with a princess



His heart melted when, after looking to see if anyone noticed her, she sent a slight smile his way. She knew declining an arranged marriage was not an option. Money had been payed and arrangements had already been made. To be caught acknowledging another boy could cost her dearly and could cost him his very life.


Hashem and  Tirzah

Tirzah watches Hashem from above



Days passed as Princess Tirzah noticed this simple peasant boy, so handsome and rugged. She could not help the feelings inside her heart – betraying her family, her royalty and her secure future. Yet this boy, this man, was all she could think about.


The days passed and each time she saw him her heart leaped until one day he approached her from behind in the market alley. He had to get close to her; even if it cost him his life because it was not worth living anyway apart from her. But was he wrong? Would she call the guards?  Words were not necessary as she turned and their eyes met. As she frantically looked around to see if anyone saw them, his eyes never left her face. At that moment he didn’t care who saw them. He would lay down his life for this beauty.

Tirzah & Hashem

Suddenly, in the alleyway, they meet.

At that instant a runaway  horse drawn taxi rounded the alley corner and came straight toward the startled couple. Hashem’s mind raced as he feared for the life of this special woman who had captured his heart. He boldly leaped and grabbed her, pulling her from the path of sure death to land on a soft pile of silk pillows and rugs in the marketplace. Hearts pounding, matching the pounding sound of the horses’ hoofs fading down the alley, they held each other amidst the silks. Quickly, he softly pressed his lips to hers.

Tirzah & Hashem

Saved from certain death, Hashem steals a kiss from the Princess


“Take me from this place” she whispered thickly. “Save me from a life of unhappiness”. “They would kill us both my princess” said Hashem, already feeling the blade of death on his neck. “We must escape together” she claimed in a hushed voice. ” I would do anything for you”, said Hashem, desperately planning their escape. “Meet me tonight, at midnight, at the wells of Midian and we shall cross the wasteland together. “I will”, Tirzah vowed. ” I will be there”.


Tirzah & Hashem

Fleeing across the wastelands




In the dark of night with a golden moon shining at their backs across the land, two lovers fled across the wastelands beyond Midian. Leaving all behind, they left with only a small pack which Hashem carried.  ”I have some money”, she offered as they hurried away from the only life they had known. “It will help us”, he assured her. “God will help us.” she added. “Where will we go?” she asked fearfully. “I know a place”, said Hashem. “A place where we will walk freely, be whoever we want to be, never to be found by anyone here. Free to love each other forever, my princess”.

Hashem and Tirzah

The Portal of Virtuality




As they travelled across the desert, in love, hearts wondering of their future, they came to their destination – the Portal of Virtuality. “Are you sure?” asked Hashem. ” Very sure”, she replied. Their eyes were wide as they looked into the swirling mass of red and gold, flashing with lightening and blue stars. Not looking back, they ran forward, swept into the portal. Holding eachother’s hands they felt themselves falling, seemingly forever.


Feet touching the ground again, they both felt a cold gust of air as they noticed the land was covered in a powdery white substance. “What is it?” asked Tirzah worriedly.”This must be what is called snow”, said Hashem, as he noticed the tiny white flakes falling softly around them as they stood together in the silent, twinkling night. “I’ve heard about it.” he added. Smiling, she embraced him and said, “It is wonderful”.

Tirzah & Hashem

Safe across the realms into Second Life

As they held one another, they heard the faint sound of bells in the distance. They began to sway gently catching their breath. Gathering their strength and courage, they turned and set out into the night, dreaming of what might be beyond. You too can live the adventures of Hashem and Tirzah. They are found at Ruby Skins, awaiting a your dreams for them in their Second Life.

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