RUBY Skins Joins Candy Cane 3 Hunt

RUBY Skins is pleased to to join the 3rd Candy Cane Hunt November 21 – December 25, 2011.

We will be offering a couple of very nice prizes for those who find the Candy Cane Mug. In each mug you will find a Men’s gift and a Lady’s Gift.


Everything is included you see in the picture except Candy’s hair (that you can find at Calico Creations) We are introducing the RUBY Studded Bikini in the hunt and it will soon be available in several different colors in the store and on Marketplace. I have yet to set a price, but expect cost at around L$40 each. I will update the post when they are ready.

Mark your calendars and get ready to hunt starting November 21! At only L$1 for two nearly complete avatars from RUBY Skins you can’t go wrong :)

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