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RUBY Intimate Main Store in Black

Did you know that Ruby Skins makes realistic Gender Enhancements for the age verified? These are not your run-of-the-mill penis and vaginas that you generally find in SL. They aren’t oversized, deformed looking, cartoonish body parts. These Enhancements are incredibly real looking, easy to use, functional vaginas and penis’. The quality of these Enhancements is unmatchable.


The Sergeant


The Orchid







There are even demos mounted on the wall with a HUD to test them right in the store. The textures on Ruby Intimates are more real than you have seen in SL. The sculpts used are discrete, organic looking and resizable. Compare to any other product in SL; you will not find anything more realistic looking.

Sergeant demo

Sergeant demo mounted on the wall

Orchid demo

The Orchid demo








For those wanting the same look of realism but not needing a functioning Enhancement, then the Ruby Intimate “Beach Series” is available. The Marigold and P.F.C. are the same sculpts and textures as the functional Enhancements. They are tintable and can be resized manually.  Perfect for the nude beach!

Ruby Beach Series

Non functional enhancements

In addition to the Orchid, Sergeant, Marigold and P.F.C. Gender Enhancements, Ruby Intimate also has color-change pubic hair for both men and women, in different styles. The Whisp and the Wooly are pubic flexi prims that look incredibly real when worn.

Pubic Hair

Whisp pubic hair

Also featured are the 10 texture options for Peony and Rosebud nipples. Just attach, fit and click to pick your favorite look. Once your texture is selected, they can also can be HUD tinted for even more fine detailing. For extra fun with tops that show one breast, you can even hide either one of your Ruby nipples! How versatile!
3D nipples

Rosebud and Peony 3D nipples

Of course these enhancements look their very best on a Ruby Skin and shape. Artist and creator Carmella Ruby strives for realism in all of her work. Her main store features the most photo-real avatars in SL.

Ruby Intimate now has an outlet store in addition to the lovely, beach themed, main store skybox in Black. The new Asian themed store at the “Hae An” location is a tasteful, roadside, low lag shop that is very easy to find.  Like the Intimate sign says, “tasteful shopping for the age verified individual”. A visit to either of the Ruby Intimate locations will get you hooked on making your SL more real.

New Intimate outlet store

Ruby Intimate Outlet store in Hae An


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