Darius of the Dark

Second Life is a place noted for the ability of one to be unique. Young, old, fuzzy, mechanical, or anything one’s mind can conjure up can find a home there. There is no better place for someone like me to dwell. I was brought forth uniquely different from most avatars in SL. A phenomenon quite rare. A light cast into the dark you might even say. You could say I am mostly a night-time dweller; nocturnal. I cannot spend much time in the bright light for a number of reasons. One is that my light toned skin is not meant for direct sunlight. Some people point with eyes wide and call me albino. Others whisper I must be gothic. And yet others cast their eyes upon me and believe I am an undead; a child of the night. The truth is I am all of those.

Darius Goth

October is my favorite time of year because I seem to blend in best during this mysterious month. I love the harvest moon, the call of the wild wolves in the foggy darkness and the crisp cool air taken in especially from high above the sims. I relish the blood curdling cry of the screech owl and the faint sound of an old woman’s cackle drifting on the breeze.


Darius Gothic look



Who do you prefer to be in SL? A playboy of women? A poor man down on his luck? A showman singing on stage for a rowdy crowd? Or maybe a dashing, sharply dressed dancing man, twirling his partner expertly across the dance floor. Is your avatar a reflection of yourself? A part of yourself you wish you were? Or possibly completely and thoroughly “you”?




Building your unique look can start with peering deeply into your soul, examining who you are, who you want to be and then uniting that idea with a special avatar that births your new being. An unveiling of an SL soul.



Darius albino look under the blue moon

I have found that plane for my own existence. You might say I’m comfortable in my own skin. May you reach that goal also.




If you are still exploring or soul searching, you could find yourself drawn to a place souls are born and unique avatars receive their life…..whether they look fleshy, plump and full of life or a little less “alive” …. like me.




Whichever you choose, let your body, skin and soul come together to fulfill your SL desires. Don’t be fooled though, SL is not so far from RL. Walk in the bright light of day or lurk in the dark shadows-perhaps I will find you there……  (Darius begins to smirk softly as he fades into the night..)

Darius Child of the Night

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