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Carmella Ruby of RUBY Skins

Carmella Ruby of RUBY Skins

I decided to start a blog to help everyone get better aquatinted with my business, RUBY Skins but especially our skins. Each one has it’s own personality that is so hard to get across with just a simple picture on a vendor.

One thing, don’t expect re-touched, doctored pictures of RUBY Skins products. You will see pictures straight from the viewer with only cropping done at the very most. I love Photoshop and the things you can do with it but it has no place in product pictures or advertisement. I think all the Photoshop work should be done on the product before it comes into SL, so what you see in my pictures is what you see in SL.

My very good friend Lynn Riler will be the person in charge of this blog and will be featuring my skins-complete with personality- on an ongoing basis, as well as introducing you to new skins and other products I create so I can be free to do just that. In addition, we will let you know where some of the other items that might appear in my pics come from (like hair or clothes) in case you are interested in going out and shopping for good products :) I will let Lynn fill you in on her vision for this blog but expect a lot of pictures since we love to take them. I expect some of my other friends might pop in occasionally and make a post, and I too as I have time.

I love Second Life, creating for it and bringing as much realism to my work as possible.  If one of my skins looks familiar, like an aunt or cousin, or even you, you might check and see if I know them in RL ;) RUBY Skin’s motto of “Making Your Second Life More Real” is more a manifesto and not just a marketing phrase. RUBY Skins was created as a result of my own desire for that realism and then sharing it with others.  I am not just here to make money but to help people enjoy their Second Life and to be “uniquely you”.


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