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Festus Gets an Update


Festus 2

Festus 2

With the discontinuation of our “value” skins line, Grandpa Festus has gotten a refreshing–yes, as newer and more realistic techniques of skin production develops, skins get a revamp or refreshing. Festus is no exception! He has the same shape as before, just an even better skin, complete with age lines, liver spots, head texture and other distinguishing marks of an elderly skin as seen above.


Festus 1

The Festus value version

The first Festus is shown here at right. His new brows add a more distinguished senior look as he peers out from below them. The wisdom lines on his face tell the story of this interesting man if you care to read them.


Lois 2

Lois 2



His “mate” Lois also had her update and looks better than ever. Lois and Festus are popular skin and shape combos, mainly due to the fact that they aren’t very, very  old but more “early senior years” aged.



With a serious lack of older looking and ethnic skin and shapes available in SL, the senior and ethnic skins and shapes at Ruby Skins is something Carmella pays much attention to. People desire an avatar or alt avatar that is closer to their age and have unique looks often times. Therefore creating faces that “look just like someone you know” is a must.

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