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Easy Going Bernice


Nothing Says Class like feathers!

Oh honey, you want me t’ tell you somethin? About me? Well my, now lets just see here. I was born in the deep south, long time ago now. Raised in the church, singing, dancin and praisin’ God. My mammy put me in the choir when I was just 5 years old. I could belt out all the great hymns and I knew all of them by heart.

Miss Bernice

Miss Bernice


I got my schooling and became a school teacher when I was a young miss. I married a handsome young railroad man and we were a happy couple until the Lord took him home when he was only 30 years old. We never had children but I had my school children. I loved every one that came through my 5th grade classes all those years. Anyway, I retired from teaching and took up interests serving in the church.





More recently though, I was approached by a fine young lady who asked me to model for her business. She liked the way I looked, she said. Unique, she said. So I said I would and now I can be found helping her out now and then. She had me make some pictures for her, even one in a skimpy little tiger bathin’suit….now dont look too close at that one, heh heh.

Bathing Bernice

Bathing Bernice


I like tendin to my garden too, and I like to make blackberry cobbler for all the good people where I live. I’ve learned a thing or two in that place. The people there watch out for one another. Always caring about each other, which is what the good Lord tells us to do. He gives us blessings we cant even imagine!

They had me do a glamour shot too so I dropped it in here so y’all can see me real close, my wisdom lines and all. I got them not so much from talkin a lot but listening. My mammy always said “Don’t talk more than you listen, Bee.” (She called me Bee mostly) So I hope you enjoyed my little something.

The Easy going Bernice always quick with a smile


The Many Faces of Festus

Festus-man of many faces

The Suave Festus

We all know him, that is Festus I mean. He is the grocer at the corner store, the retired history teacher, the wise and experienced business man…. Our Festus just so happens to be all of that and more but he came to RUBY Skins as a retired police detective, who had walked a neighborhood beat for many years and was a respected man of authority.

Skin and shape creation is an artistic venture. Once the approximate age of avatar you are going for is chosen, and a skin is picked from the myriad of available photos, the painting begins. Since the canvas is generally the basic SL avatar shape,  your painted product can look quite different from the original model from which you chose a skin. Bone structure is a major factor behind what we look like and how our skins appear. Imagine your own skin laid upon a skeleton with a very different structure. Probably nobody would even know it was you. But this variance all contributes to the true enjoyment of creating new skin and shape combos. You never know quite what your combination will look like. Therefore, RUBY Skins take on a life of their own during creation and Festus is no different. Once his skin was complete and a shape formed to fit, his life began. A number of photos are taken of our new avatars, with varying clothing styles, hair and eyes. It can be astonishing how different an avatar can look and makes for a great variation of possibilities using just one skin and shape combo.

click to see full size

Festus 60s

Festus arrived on the scene a bit younger than originally planned. Older skins are difficult to do, wrinkles and age spots have to be carefully handled. His olive colored skin and deep set eyes highlight an attractive older man. But Festus sports a fantastically textured beard which became a hallmark of his look. Dashing and suave, Festus appears with his full salt and peppered beard and  a slick,  Slide MADD hair design in dark silver above. But put on a pair of RUBY Wayfair glasses, shave his beard, throw on a sharp SF Design Performance suit and he becomes a crisp businessman from the 1960′s era.

Festus older

Perhaps an older, distinguished, grandfatherly look for Festus? No problem. Put him in a pipe, male pattern bald grey doo by Discord Designs, double breasted tux from SF Design and you have a whole new facet of him. Older avatars that look nice are hard to find in SL. Why cant older avatars look good? Check around and you find low quality and frankly unattractive faces with little to no definition on the body of most senior avatars. The reason? Simply that they are harder to make. They take longer to do.

Face shot

Close up shots are a must for all RUBY Skins vendors. They show the honest detail in face shots so our customers can see not only the great detail but also each skin they are getting – featuring the various makeups for ladies and beard/mustache combos for men. Clean shaved, Festus becomes your local grocer. Maybe even your neighbor. Whoever he is, he has a kind, familiar face. An interesting discovery about older skins; older eyes look very good with them. Literally. Older eyes are a bit more faded in color with small pupils. Some of the RUBY Real Eyes textures were taken directly of a senior RL model’s eyes.

Festus alt. shape

Festus alt. shape

One thing about SL, it is much easier to change your looks than in real life. We know this at RUBY Skins and this is why each avatar sold has a modifiable shape, available separately, for a low price, just in case you want to modify your looks. Subtle or drastic, a good skin is created to maintain it’s integrity on a variety of different shapes. Though Festus was created as a thin, slightly bowlegged senior, he can look very good in other shapes as you see him here. Be aware, however, that extreme settings on shapes can result in stretching of skins, causing bad spots. This is especially true when going for a weightier look. That is why RUBY Skins also features special skin and shapes for people who desire heavy avatars.

Festus – a man of many possible looks –  who knows where he might appear next? Maybe he is already in the mirror……try him on for size and see how he feels. He’s ready for action and adventure in your second life.

Hi from RUBY Skins!


Lynn RIler

Thanks for the nice introduction Carmella! I’ll do my best to post interesting information about our products as well as informative reviews. Like Carmella, I enjoy photography in SL. Especially funny things that make me laugh. I do want to try and feature the RUBY Skins line though, bringing to life the personalities that emerge when creating a new skin/shape. Carmella creates skins that are unique – the goal is to avoid cookie cutter avatars, barbie doll shapes and faces, mis-proportioned bodies, seams and other anomalies you traditionally find in SL. Of course there are those who enjoy creating their own looks which is fun also. That is the great thing about SL. RUBY Skins specializes in elderly skins and shapes because there is a great lack of decent looking seniors out there. Yet a huge population of SL users are 40 and above. I personally know a few who are 75 and above! Yes, its great to have a “young” avatar and relive our younger years through SL. But occasionally folks like to look their age and yet not have unattractive, distorted skins and shapes when they do. So some of the first skins I want to feature will be middle aged or senior RUBY Skins.

I hope you enjoy our blogs – and most of all, I hope you are sporting your own RUBY Skin and shape.



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