RUBY Skins at The Structure Your Skin Project

RUBY Skins has two skins at The Structure Your Skin Project (SYS) for September. A special Eunice with an exclusive makeup for SYS.

Exclusive Eunice available only at SYS for the month of September


Matthew also gains a spot in the SYS Project Showcase in an exclusive Pale Tone that will only be available in September at the SYS showcase.

Matthew in an exclusive Pale Tone only at SYS for September


Both skins include a shape and a brow shaper and are priced at 99L each and available ate the SYS Project Showcase

Messing With Skins

The other day it was cold and rainy and I felt like goofing off. It may surprise you to know that I don’t try every new Ruby skin on my shape (shape and skin combos are always made together in my shop) so I tried a few of the young ladies on my own custom shape to see how they looked and snapped a few pictures. It was fun; it’s nice having tons of skins to mess with :)


For those who don’t know what I look like the first picture is just me.

Just me Carmella

Lynn says I wear too much black


Understand my skin is a custom that I don’t sell and I tend to tweak it from time to time :P but really not that often and usually they are subtle changes. I tend to experiment with new things on myself to see how they look before I put them into production so I guess you could say there is a little of me in each skin.

I like my current skin not too tan, not too pale. I used to be much more tan and have lightened myself up as I have updated my skin. Sometimes you see people in SL and can’t tell if they are ethnic or just very tan. Also I have a bit of muscle tone, even though you can’t see it in the picture (I have abs :) ) but it is pretty light so I still have a soft look. I wear about 4 different make-ups, a couple of evening shades and then a red and a pink lip for my daily look.

I like the color black. Lynn says I wear it too much so I have been trying to wear brighter colors (well besides red, because that is the other color I wear all the time) but in this shot I thought I should look normal :) So black it is and my favorite shoes, RUBY Pumps (they are just too easy to color change to match your outfit)

So lets see how I look in a few of these.



Miriam oh my such a pretty face

The hipbones are great, I think I am a little too "fat" for my ribs to show

I love the Miriam 2 skin. My sister wears it and she looks fabulous :)

I love the face, soo pretty, such beautiful eyes. I am just afraid my sis might think I am trying to be like her (ok sometimes I do).

Miriam 2 has a lighter skin tone than mine but she is also a “skinny” skin made to be worn on a thin shape with minimal boobs, (well that kinda disqualifies me) not that there are anything wrong with small breasts. Mine just aren’t and the skin was made with less shading under and around the breasts.

She also has rib bones showing and I think I am a little too fat for that, but I love the hip bones (/me starts thinking about how she can incorporate those into her current skin)

My sister Carmen wants to do a post about her skin so you may get an opportunity to see how it looks on an appropriate shape; even though it does not look too bad on me overall, just not very realistic for my body type.

Shape and skin together makes for a more realistic look in my opinion. That is why I always sell my skins with a shape. I know many will choose to use their own shapes which is fine, but I like everyone to get an idea of how I envision the skin to be worn As you will see in this post, there is a lot of leeway in a quality skin :)



Dinah looks great such a creamy complexion

So creamy and cute


This one surprised me :P , for those who don’t know, Dinah 2 is one of my Fantasy Avatars and is a dwarven female.

I just recently re-released Dinah as an all new skin and she is a fair skinned, natural blonde with light freckles on her face and body. This called for red hair (did I mention I have tons of hair too?)

I really like this one; it changes the way I look and Dinah has boobs that match mine :) but is a softer skin with no muscle definition; maybe a bit more feminine.

I could easily wear the Dinah skin without making any adjustments to my current shape if I wanted to go with a fair complexion.

BTW, Dinah has a killer blond hair-base made right on her skin. If  I wanted to wear an add on ponytail I would not need to wear a tattoo base unless I wanted to have darker hair. The tattoo hair-base included with Dinah covers most of her natural hair (only the sides in front of the ears show some and a few hairs on the back of the neck) and as you can see in the picture, red prim hair looks fine.



Lydia always makes me feel a little naughty

For some reason she makes you want to be naked


Every time I wear the Lydia Avatar I feel a bit naughty but I am not sure why :P

Lydia 2 is a bit taller and more statuesque than me but I think I look good in the skin.She is more tan than me and definitely more defined; she has killer abs.

Sort of a beach bunny; if I wore Lydia it would not be hard to dress because usually she wears very few clothes (shoes are about all she likes) so my husband might not like me running about that way in public :) At home might be a different story)

Blond hair always seems to be the color off choice on Lydia and I don’t own too many of those so that might be expensive for me to switch (well I love hair shopping though) but she fits my shape nicely and her nose and lips look good on me.

One thing that I did not show you here is that Lydia has one of the best, uummm, well lets say “crotch areas” you will ever see. Her skin tends to be the one I choose when shooting for my Intimate products (e.g.; The Orchid) because it has such nice shading.

I guess in certain instances, being naked all the time might not work out for me so maybe I should try another one.



Naomi- I love her glow

Such a lovely skin tone

I thought I might dip into the Ethnic Line and try on the Naomi 2 and I am glad I did; Naomi looks sweet on me :)

I did have to change my eyes to a pair of RUBY Tiger-eye Eyes. I just did not look right with blue eyes.

Naomi’s body fits me great and she, too has a bit of muscle definition.  I really love the highlighting on her skin; Naomi’s skin was sourced from an actual African skin, not a lighter skin made darker. It really makes a difference (I don’t know if you can see the palms of her hands in the first picture- so cool).

My features really are not correct for the skin, however. If I was to wear it I would need to tweak my nose and mouth a bit to have a more ethnic look which is how the skin was designed. Most people in SL would probably not notice but I am picky.

I am in there with the hair though as nearly all my hair is black :) and Naomi has an awesome cornrow hair-base on her skin.

Click the portrait above though to zoom in on the face-pretty! (psst…I love the lips)



Julia has a smooth skin that is very feminine

Oh I think I am feeling a little naughty


Julia is so soft and feminine. She comes with a more chubby shape than mine but her skin looks incredible on my shape which adds a softness to me and makes me feel sexy.

Julia is very pretty in the face too with thin, auburn brows and a smooth complexion. I had to wear auburn hair to complete my look.

Even-though she is fair, she is not too light and it really compliments the reddish hair. She has nice cleavage that I felt compelled to show off; actually she made me feel a little naughty and I wore a dress so short it was more of a long shirt but she has pretty legs.

Again, I would not need to change my shape at all to wear Julia. She is one of those skins that is super versatile. I think if someone’s boobs were smaller I would not recommend the skin but really anyone with a medium to large chest she looks great on. This is because the Julia skin is made for a heavier shape. She might even look good for those who are pregnant (perish the thought) because she has such a smooth tummy.

My post is getting a bit long but I want to show you one more that I simply loved (maybe I will do a second post sometime with the half dozen others I tried on).



Tirzah has such an exotic look

I love the glow and exotic look


Tirzah 2 knocked me out! She was so exotic looking with her ethnic, olive skin tone and dark smoky eyes.

I love the glow this skin has and I had to show you her tummy. It makes me want to go find the belly dancing animations and some silks :P

My nose is not very ethnic and would look better with a little tweaking; maybe raise the bridge a little and enlarge it a couple of notches. I think I would look good with a bit fuller lip as well.

I did change my eyes by putting on a pair of RUBY Real Emerald Eyes mainly because they matched my shirt :) (isn’t that great about SL you can change eyes to match an outfit instead of getting outfits the match your eyes).

I love making ethnic skins because SL has so few (most are the lighter skins darkened and toned to make it appear ethnic).

It was fun trying on RUBY Skins because not only do you get to look at each unique face but the bodies are all different too; each with it’s individual style.



I have pictures of Salome2, Debra2, Michal, and others that were great and I will try and do another post on them sometime. I might even show everyone what I did to my current skin after I did all this (yes I tweaked myself).

Maybe I will talk my husband into trying on some guy skins and I will take his picture and do a post (he is awfully cute in his current skin though :) ) Until then jump down to RUBY Skins and grab an armful of demos for yourself (or you can find the big box of demos on Marketplace) and see what kind of exotic look you can come up with :)

Carmella Ruby – RUBY Skins & Intimate


Festus Gets an Update


Festus 2

Festus 2

With the discontinuation of our “value” skins line, Grandpa Festus has gotten a refreshing–yes, as newer and more realistic techniques of skin production develops, skins get a revamp or refreshing. Festus is no exception! He has the same shape as before, just an even better skin, complete with age lines, liver spots, head texture and other distinguishing marks of an elderly skin as seen above.


Festus 1

The Festus value version

The first Festus is shown here at right. His new brows add a more distinguished senior look as he peers out from below them. The wisdom lines on his face tell the story of this interesting man if you care to read them.


Lois 2

Lois 2



His “mate” Lois also had her update and looks better than ever. Lois and Festus are popular skin and shape combos, mainly due to the fact that they aren’t very, very  old but more “early senior years” aged.



With a serious lack of older looking and ethnic skin and shapes available in SL, the senior and ethnic skins and shapes at Ruby Skins is something Carmella pays much attention to. People desire an avatar or alt avatar that is closer to their age and have unique looks often times. Therefore creating faces that “look just like someone you know” is a must.

RUBY Skins Joins Candy Cane 3 Hunt

RUBY Skins is pleased to to join the 3rd Candy Cane Hunt November 21 – December 25, 2011.

We will be offering a couple of very nice prizes for those who find the Candy Cane Mug. In each mug you will find a Men’s gift and a Lady’s Gift.


Everything is included you see in the picture except Candy’s hair (that you can find at Calico Creations) We are introducing the RUBY Studded Bikini in the hunt and it will soon be available in several different colors in the store and on Marketplace. I have yet to set a price, but expect cost at around L$40 each. I will update the post when they are ready.

Mark your calendars and get ready to hunt starting November 21! At only L$1 for two nearly complete avatars from RUBY Skins you can’t go wrong :)

RUBY Skins Joins MHOH1

RUBY Skins will be participating in the Make Her Over Hunt 1 from September 25 – October 25 2011.

Our gift is the very beautiful Phoebe-2 Skin and Shape in a pink lip and purple eye.


Phoebe 2

Phoebe a beautiful skin and shape combo in a subtle pink lip and purple shadow


She will include just a single shade of makeup and a no-mod shape. The full pack is available in the store for L$800 which includes 5 makeups and 4 no-mod shapes. Additionally, a mod shape is available for L$100 in our premium shape vendor.

So get ready to hunt! A little clue for you; Naomi knows where it is but she is not telling.


Welcome to the RUBY Skins Blog

Carmella Ruby of RUBY Skins

Carmella Ruby of RUBY Skins

I decided to start a blog to help everyone get better aquatinted with my business, RUBY Skins but especially our skins. Each one has it’s own personality that is so hard to get across with just a simple picture on a vendor.

One thing, don’t expect re-touched, doctored pictures of RUBY Skins products. You will see pictures straight from the viewer with only cropping done at the very most. I love Photoshop and the things you can do with it but it has no place in product pictures or advertisement. I think all the Photoshop work should be done on the product before it comes into SL, so what you see in my pictures is what you see in SL.

My very good friend Lynn Riler will be the person in charge of this blog and will be featuring my skins-complete with personality- on an ongoing basis, as well as introducing you to new skins and other products I create so I can be free to do just that. In addition, we will let you know where some of the other items that might appear in my pics come from (like hair or clothes) in case you are interested in going out and shopping for good products :) I will let Lynn fill you in on her vision for this blog but expect a lot of pictures since we love to take them. I expect some of my other friends might pop in occasionally and make a post, and I too as I have time.

I love Second Life, creating for it and bringing as much realism to my work as possible.  If one of my skins looks familiar, like an aunt or cousin, or even you, you might check and see if I know them in RL ;) RUBY Skin’s motto of “Making Your Second Life More Real” is more a manifesto and not just a marketing phrase. RUBY Skins was created as a result of my own desire for that realism and then sharing it with others.  I am not just here to make money but to help people enjoy their Second Life and to be “uniquely you”.


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