Finally, Ruby Skins is now conveniently located within a complex containing all Ruby stores – RUBYwear and Ruby Intimate.


Ruby Skins complex


As promised, the island has all the benefits of discrete, low-lag, tasteful shopping. Carmella is featuring two of her skins to celebrate the grand opening. The Sharon Elite skin is sure to please anyone wishing for a realistic, younger, sweet looking gal with all the trimmings. She comes with the Slink Physique body applier and her brows are modified to fit the tinters. Sharon is a great selling skin and as with all Elite packages, they come with makeup, shape and many other exciting goodies.




The second feature is Esther – a middle aged beauty, with a pleasing shape and face. Ruby middle aged and older skins/shapes are realistic, down to the lines and wrinkles which make them fit their intended age. As with all avatar sets, modifiable shapes are available separately at a very low price for those of you wishing to tweak the original shape to suit your own preferences. Be sure to check out our earlier blogs about making shapes that don’t distort the appearance of a good skin.

Esther - middle aged skin

The Esther



Both Sharon and Esther are waiting for you and are easily found at the new Ruby Skins complex. The skin store has directions right on the floor to take you to the type of skins you are looking for. Come take a peek at the wide selection of skins, shapes, clothing, eyes, accessories and intimate body parts (Mature adults only at the Ruby Intimate store please) You can stay a while and visit the Ruby Lake or the lucky chair to win great Ruby prizes.


One of the frustrating things about SL is how often some vendors move. There is nothing like using a trusted landmark and arriving to find yourself in private land being ejected.


You will be ejected in 10 seconds

Carmella opened her unique skin store on the Mainland in Axel 4 years ago. Starting with a small shop Ruby Skins has grown into a spacious skin, shape and accessory store as well as a tasteful adult body parts store called Intimate. Through the years Ruby Skins has conveniently remained in that same location.

Ruby Skins Store Aug 2012

Ruby Skins in Axel

Ruby products are now expanding again, and Carmella brings you mesh clothing and more at her newest store, named RUBYwear. This expansion and growth in additional product lines have led her to make a thoughtful decision to move her property to a private island.

The new location provides many benefits over mainland, including additional space, more prim availability, less general lag, no “pathfinder” lagging or stuttering, all shops in a single location and more control of the environment. After all who likes the mess griefers can make on the mainland?


Griefers drop irritating prims everywhere

In order to cause the least disruption possible to her regular customers, the main store has undergone only a slight remodel –  mostly a facelift into a rustic theme with stone, brick and rich woods.

Ruby Skins rustic decor

Ruby Intimate, already a cozy store, is a bit more of a surprise that you must experience for yourself. ;) Meant for mature visitors only you are required to be 18+ before visiting Intimate. Although the Island itself  is rated mature, her skin and clothing stores are rated “G”. All 3 stores are snuggled close together amongst a pine forest and very near Ruby Lake, still with 7 Seas fishing available and special Ruby prizes to be caught.

Ruby Skins complex

RUBYWear store

Once moved, Carmella will retain a small parcel in Axel at the former rezz in location, with a posting about the move and a landmark to the new location. This should provide guidance for those with the old landmark. Customer service has always been and remains the top priority for Ruby Skins and Intimate shoppers. Announcements about specific move dates will be forthcoming to all Ruby Skins  and Intimate group members. There will be a few new surprises, including new skin and clothing releases to help celebrate the move.

Ruby Skins shopping complex – best quality skins, clothing, intimates, accessories and more. Don’t miss it!


RUBY Skins at The Structure Your Skin Project

RUBY Skins has two skins at The Structure Your Skin Project (SYS) for September. A special Eunice with an exclusive makeup for SYS.

Exclusive Eunice available only at SYS for the month of September


Matthew also gains a spot in the SYS Project Showcase in an exclusive Pale Tone that will only be available in September at the SYS showcase.

Matthew in an exclusive Pale Tone only at SYS for September


Both skins include a shape and a brow shaper and are priced at 99L each and available ate the SYS Project Showcase

ELITE Ruby Skin line released!

Elite line at Ruby Skins

Elite line soon at Ruby Skins

As promised, Carmella has released  her first “Elite” line of skins. The Elites will are for the  ”non elderly” avatar look.  This skin/shape package is the best value you will find on the grid. The Elite skins include lots of extras – featuring the high quality, realistic skin texture and affordability of all Ruby Skins.

These Elite packages include the Ruby shape that the individual skin was built for but it will now be modifiable. In addition, is a regular “nude” skin and a skin with no brows for those wanting to add those separately. To satisfy those interested in changing the skin tone, the package includes a tan on a tattoo layer that is tintable.

Now for the high fashion extras! Along with the skins, shape and tan are make up sets on a tattoo layer. These are eye and lip combinations to get you started. Additional make ups will soon be available for purchase separately so that you can collect different colors and styles for day and nighttime glamour.

Not to spoil the element of surprise, there are a few other fun accessories in this package to make your customization experience simply awesome. Your avatar options will be endless and easily changeable. The only other skin you will ever want to buy will be another Ruby Skin!

Join Ruby Skins Group for additional announcements!


If you like exciting color, sexy fit and size variety then you will love Carmella’s new ladies Ruffle Dress. This mesh cutie comes in 4 sets of 5 dresses each.

Ruby Ruffle Dress Seasons

Seasons - Ruby Skins latest mesh ruffle dress

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, each with a selection of colors for the season. The Spring and Summer groups have smart pastels with a watercolor pattern–very unique! Fall and Winter include darker more muted colors with a monochrome pattern–stylish! Best of all, each dress comes in 5 standard sizes – XS, S, M, L, XL. There is a demo available to try before you buy. This dress is a steal at $400L for each set of 5 dresses! You may even want all the color groups-to stay color coordinated with the seasons! As always you are getting exquisite quality and guaranteed good customer service.  Love it! Visit the store here:

RUBY SKINS Grows Skyward!

Ruby Skins Store Aug 2012

Ruby Skins Grows Skyward

Carmella is at it again, adding more neat items to the Ruby Skins store – now featuring MESH clothing like you have never seen and some awesome shoe and accessory items. To accommodate all these great products she has added another floor to the store. Floor number 3 will feature more great products and a few surprises. As always, landing points remain the same so you don’t rezz into an inconvenient area. Be sure to stop in and see the new floor, complete with great  products – the best of quality from Ruby Skins!


Although Carmella does not believe mesh should replace all types of clothing, she has experimented with it and now offers her customers something for both men and women. As always, her textures are as realistic as you will find in SL and her quality in detail is exquisite.

Many colorful options for the RUBY Skins New Mesh Mini Suit

RUBY Skins New Mesh Mini Suit for the Ladies

For the ladies, a smart mini suit, including mini skirt and blazer with a nice floral pattern. It is available in a variety of colors and can be mixed and matched with several other Ruby Skins clothing items. (One favorite is Ruby skinny jeans with a matching mesh blazer, leather strapless dress top and color change ladies strappy sandals) Each mini suit set is only $200L

RUBY Skins Men's Linen Drawstring Pants

Casual RUBY Skins Drawstring Linen Pants

For our hottie men customers, a pair of mesh linen drawstring pants. These are available in aqua, blue, moss, natural, steel, white and wicker colors. These summery casuals go so well with Ruby men’s color change flip flop sandals. Each pair of men’s pants are only $100L

Carmella promises more mesh to come! These items are for sale in store as well as marketplace and have demos available. Sizing is comprehensive, with XS through XL range. Small avatars will fit these mesh clothes! (not the new petite mesh avatars)

Make a trip to Ruby Skins and try on a mesh outfit with your name on it!

Act Your Age!!

RUBY Skins is famous for unique, realistic skins and shapes, both young (no child) and old. However, Carmella’s “middle aged” selection of avatars are some of the most interesting of her collection. These skin/shape combinations are not only realistically proportioned but are handsome, middle aged skins for a change of pace with your SL avatar.


Ruby Skins "Mary" middle aged avatar

Mary is a mature but quite fancy RUBY lady with soft reddish eyebrows (no grey for her yet), possibly a spray tan and breast augmentation because she is staying young, and she loves to wear feathery gowns for the ballroom. Just the right amount of wrinkle and sag make her 50ish look a winner.


Ruby Skins "Zechariah2"


One of RUBY Skins best sellers this year is Zechariah; a bushy browed, adventurous chap with deep set eyes of wisdom and a neat comb over. Zech is unique from head to toe-as all RUBY Skins are; because they are photo sourced with their own head and body for each individual skin.



Ruby Skins "Esther"





Esther is one of the younger middle aged skins, with very fair skin and quite feminine shape. A few age lines here and there keep her uniquely 30ish yet elegant.



Ruby Skins "Reuben"





Reuben is another popular skin/shape combo who’s 40 something look gives him a dark, suave, mature appearance and we can see a touch or two of grey in his beard.


Perhaps you want an ethnic look but are wanting a more mature avatar?



Ruby Skins "Chloe"


Chloe is the skin for you; with just enough age to be elegant. RUBY Skins does not tint caucasian photo sourced skins to appear African. Chloe is sourced from an actual African skin and has a body shape to match. You will know when you try her on, that she is the real thing.






Luke, another 50ish skin/shape combo is a jolly guy; he was featured last winter as Santa along with Mrs Claus. He has a chubby shape, perfect for that middle aged male spare tire look! Luke has been known to be trim from time to time as when the stole Eli’s shape during the Summer of 2011 as the 10L Summer Special.


Ruby Skins Luke2"


Ruby Skins "Jason"


Jason (right) is quite the interesting guy at RUBY Skins. A bit stoic but a real party hound when he gets warmed up. Carmella’s dad Lord Ruby also picked Jason for his personal skin.


These 30-50ish looking skins are a departure from the routine in SL. Elizabeth is another mature lady with a soft, kind, face of a new grandma. She is our second Elizabeth release with more detail than before, making her a top pick for the middle age line. She has great reviews  and is even the chosen skin of Carmella’s own SL mother; LadyWendy Ruby!


Ruby Skins "Elizabeth2"

If you are ready to depart from the “sameness” of most SL avatars and really look your “age”, then try on one of these realistic avatars. You will wish you had a long, long time ago!








Ruby Skins Strappy Sandals Available Now!!

Strappy Sandals

Ruby Skins Strappy Sandals


If you love the look of elegance and realism in a shoe, then Carmella’s new Strappy Sandals will be just the shoes you need for summer. These well textured, high-heeled sandals will be as all Carmella’s footwear, low lag minimal scripted, texture/color change and include foot alpha and color hud. Textures will include a variety of animal skin patterns as well as a patent for solid color shine. Toes and nails are detailed textures, not just flat looking skin or toes.

Ruby Strappy Sandals available now at Ruby Skins or on Marketplace!

Pirate Hunt2 July 25-August 25

Pirate Hunt2

Kastle Rock Gridwide Hunts present Skull -N- Bones “The Pirate Hunt 2″. RUBY Skins will be participating with a most awesome themed gift for hunters. Carmella has selected one of her most popular skins, Zechariah, to be the Pirate; a complete avatar with pegleg, tatoos and accessories that any scalywag would need (his scarred face and blind eye are result of a few too many saber duels). The lovely Lydia skin and special shape is featured as the Mermaid; with mesh tail, fins, hair and accessories to lure pirates to her underwater lair. As always, Ruby Skins free hunt gifts can’t be beat for quality and quantity. Don’t miss this hunt…aarrgh or ye be walkin’ the plank maytee!

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